My partners at Blackhawk and I review around 500 transactions a year.

I am frankly flabbergasted by the number of time-wasting bullshit artists – who really think that by just connecting with us through social media or on Skype, sending us an Email or plainly calling us out of the blue – will get our full attention in jumping on the business bandwagon.

Well, folks… I can tell you that we have learned a lot over the years about what works and what doesn’t in the deal-making world.

Let me share with you some priceless tips if you ever want to be considered as a serious player in the high stakes world of trading and finance and transact business with us.

1. Be Yourself: Oprah Winfrey once stated, “I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.” Professionals, especially of an older generation, tend to have a tough time with authenticity and transparency in the workplace. People, especially men, tend to have a tough time being vulnerable, especially with people they don’t know well. Many also aren’t sure how much to reveal online, or at work, or to people they’ve just met. But, hard as these choices may be, authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability all breed trust and this is very important to us because when we trust you, we’ll do anything for you. So open up and take a chance, and you’ll be rewarded. Stay secretive and bear the consequences.

2. It is personal. If you haven’t figured this out yet, you will never close a deal and you are wasting your time and ours chasing rainbows. I strongly believe that no matter what technological miracles are conceived, people do business with people. The greatest deals in the world are sealed by a simple handshake. No smart and savvy dealmaker picks up deals from technology-based platforms or some Internet portal where the emphasis is placed upon being able to view extensive multiple listings of ‘deals’ or by Email… Only in your dreams. The human connection is critical to the process as it brings efficiency and integrity to the dialogue. We are no number in the vast array of funding and trading sources. So next time you want to share a transaction with us, please make sure you get to know me or one of my partners then we could talk business. This is how we at Blackhawk Partners operate.

3. Get your act together. The world is full of highly opportunistic transactions. I cannot believe the number of transactions that are Emailed to us every day with nothing more than some lengthy attachments and a name without an address. Get your act together folks. Just Emailing us transactions will get you nowhere. If you don’t have control of the transaction, you may just be one of thousands ‘shopping the deal around’. This wastes everyone’s time and will destroy any credibility that you may have had. Bottom Line: If we are not speaking with the principal himself, we insist on a full written mandate / NDA/ NC certified by the principal’s lawyer and we must have an agreed process of disclosure / distribution that is logged on both sides. Unless you have complete control of the process, don’t even waste any minute on us. Focusing on a small number of deals where you have control and deep knowledge is much more likely to achieve completion than spraying the world with unfiltered garbage.

4. Know what we want.  I am equally amazed by the number of joker brokers who approach us on a daily basis telling us what to do and how smart and connected they are. Well … just to set the record straight folks, we don’t want to be told what to do and are not really interested in knowing that. We want to do what we want to do and your job is to make it happen within our rules. To make it even clearer, what we really want from you is for you to be on our side. You may see issues where you are not the expert, but helping us to address those issues by introducing others will bring you closer to us. If you can do that we could go a long way together. If not, let’s part ways with no hard feelings. So please be creative and do yourself a big favor next time you solicit us; stop the name dropping and the attitude cause we gather “intel” like no one and it will not take us more than one week to know everything one needs to know about yourself since the day you were born.

5. It is all about returns. When bankers talk to us about ‘wealth preservation’, we read it as an admission that you are unable to make us money. If it’s not double-digit returns, we are not interested…and if you think we are not making double-digit returns, wake up. We are. So who needs you?

Now that you know how we close deals and create wealth, let’s see what you are capable of.

Enjoy the rest of the day and please feel free to share your thoughts.

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Ziad K Abdelnour is a Wall Street Financier, Author, Philanthropist, Activist, Lobbyist, Oil & Gas Trader & President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc.,